Performed Arches LIVE 2013 and Southside Fringe Festival 2014.

‘Serious, thought-provoking, upsetting, moving, shocking, wonderful. Profoundly interesting. I’ll think on this for a while.’  [Arches LIVE audience member]

‘fascinating and terrifying, an experience of intense vulnerability; but if good theatre is about changing our consciousness, then I-HAPPY-I-GOOD certainly achieves that, precisely and unforgettably.’ [**** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman]

Inspired by Amy’s experience as a support worker assisting people with deafblindness for Sense Scotland, this immersive one-on-one, promenade performance championed the value of our more marginalised members of society and sought to reveal the wonders of darkness and silence.

Writer/devisor/performer: Amy Conway

Devisor/performer: Ishbel McFarlane

Devisor/performer/sound design: Edd Crawley