Minority Language Training references

For anyone who has attended the Training on Scotland’s Native Minority Languages and wants to look into where we got our info for a bit more depth, enjoy!


A brief history of BSL from ‘Sign Community’:


A History of Deaf Education from Bristol University


‘The influence of deaf people’s dual category status on sign language planning: The British Sign Language (Scotland) Act (2015)’ by Maartje De Meulder, article in Current Issues in Language Planning, volume 18, 2017

The Oxford Companion to Scottish History, Edited by Michael Lynch, published by Oxford University Press, 2001

The Discursive Construction of the Scots Language, Johann Wolfang Unger, published by John Benjamins, 2013

Why Gaelic Matters, Derek Thomson, published by Saltire Pamphlets, 1984

Gaelic in Scotland, 1698-1981: The Geographical History of a Language, Charlies W. J. Withers, John Donald Publishers, 1984

Dictionary of the Scots Language: www.dsl.ac.uk

Oxford English Dictionary: www.oed.com

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