Chinese, English an Scots

A wis contactit bi a chappie wha is interestit in leids, and wha his bin gien Scots a go o late. It’s aye a shock fir Scots speakers, and Scots fowk in general, that onybody fae furth of Scotland wud gie Scots the time o day. Bit they dae. James Chonglong Gu is an owersetter hissel and jumps atween leids aw the time. An he’s haein a wee loup aboot in Scots, fir tae sae whit like it is.

A wis chattin yesterday tae a Gaelic speaker wha wis sayin that they’d raither A didnae yaise the term ‘native speaker’, wi regards tae Gaelic as it pits a divide whar there disnae need tae be ane. An then we talked aboot hoo in Scots thir’s ainly native speakers as thir’s nae drive tae share it, nae wey tae learn it in college or evening classes or Scots medium scuils. Bit there shuid be. Gaelic can dae it, an so kin Scots. It’s stertin, thir’s bitties, but nae fu plan.

It’s a braw thing tae share yer leid, tae hae fowk hae a ploy wi it, yaise it as their ain. It is. James Chonglong Gu his scrievit a wee poem, an an introduction tae hissel in Scots, jist fir the jo he gits frae leid and sharin. A noble hing.


Oreeginally fae the wunnerfu kintra o China, James Chonglong Gu is an enthusiastic linguist, scriever an researcher in Inglis an owersettin wi’ muckle experience teachin’ in China an ayont. The noo, he’s a dedicatit PhD researcher in owersettin’ atween Inglis an Cheenese at the University o Manchester, Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland.
Aye interestit in leids, James stertit tae be fascinatit bi the bonny Scots leid o late. This poem wis inspiret bi his recent veesit tae Scotland nae lang syne.


Wee Bonnie Caledonia

O wee auld Scotland
Aye sae bleak an aye sae grim
An sometimes a wee bit dreich

Hooivver let it dishearten ye not prithee
Acause tis aye sic a feast fer ye eyes
An a braw land packit fu o craic

Awed we shall aw prepare tae be
As ilka glen, brae, loch an’ ben is a wunnerfu treat

O wee auld Scotland
Aye sae dreary an aye sae chilly
An sometimes a wee bit melancholy

Hooivver fret ye not prithee
Acause tis precisely what tis sae weel kent fer
An why tis sae majestically bonnie

Humbled we shall aw prepare tae be
As tis nature’s masterpiece that awbodie will agree




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