Scots Language Ambassador

The morn A wis in Chirnside Primary fir the first time sin A became thir Scots Language Ambassador, a gey grand title gaein intae the schuil tae try an improve unnerstaundin o whit Scots is an it status is a leid. A am fair honourit tae be askit tae help oot wi spreadin the loo fir the leid.

The day A took pairt in a particularly Scottish assembly. Primary 4 wis daein a ploy aboot Scottish history fir St Andrew’s day oan Monday. They fair went thir dinger, thae kids; some real performers an A wis fair impressed. Then A wis up tae introduce masel an read the story, The Gruffalo’s Wean. A chose thon story specifually sin A thocht a puckle o the kids wid ken the English version o the buik. Richt eneuch, thir wis a wee lad sittin richt in front o me, wha wis tellin me whit wis comin up oan each next page.

Because o the P4’s ploy, there were hunners o parents in aboot the assembly haw an aw, an A admit A wis a wee bittie nervous aboot justifiein masel no jist tae 100 kids, bit dozens eh parents an grannies an domines an aw. Seemed tae go aw richt. We’ll see.

The muckle pairt o my wark wi Chirnside will be stertin in Januar as pairt o thir sustainability an richts season. A cannae think o a better wey tae consider Scots leid than whan yir thinkin o richts an hoo tae treat yin anither better nor wir daein the noo.

Noo, A shuid aff an think o fun weys tae engage wi Scots that’s no jist listin driech, gallus, bahoochie, etc etc etc. Scots is mair nor a list o wurds! An A look forward tae discussin whit else it is wi the staff an pupils in Milton.


One thought on “Scots Language Ambassador

  1. Glad tae see this! I’ve been fascinated by Scots for years now and was grateful that we’d covered it in my linguistics course — I had no idea before I first arrived here that Scots was more than accent and a few odd words! But the more I learn of this braw language, the more I love it! And I’m absolutely certain you’ll inspire others to love it, too!

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