O is for Hoolet – Media Blanket

Mmm. Cosy media blanket… If the media was a blanket, what kind of blanket would it be?

My media blanket has been predominantly about O is for Hoolet, which opens in less than a week. There was also a weird bubble last week of chatting to the Telegraph and the BBC about feminism in University Challenge. All most enjoyable/almost enjoyable. Rather than updating the script (which is what I am supposed to be doing at present), I will update you on some ways to hear me talking and read me having talked.

On BBC Scotland’s Culture Studio 8th April 2015 – Chatting about the show and getting into some fairly detailed conversation about the cultural implications of minority language and standardisation. You can hear it from about 31 minutes.

Article in The Herald 7th April 2015 – An interview with Mary Brennan as part of her preview of the whole Behaviour festival. Particularly like being referred to as quietly fierce. Might take that on as a character trait. I’ll start by working on the quiet.

An interview in TV Bomb 7th April 2015 – Releasing my language geek and questioning the premise of the question, but answering anyway because dutiful.

Article in the Telegraph 1st April 2015 – Talking about the patriarchy and my experience of university challenge. Note how many square brackets [I need].

Five minute phone conversation on BBC’s Good Morning Scotland 2nd April 2015 – I was in the cupboard when this was recorded because I thought there would be better sound quality. True fact. You can hear it from 2hrs50.


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