New Year New Yes 2015

This is a post from my Facebook page, but I wanted to mark the new year on this site so here are my thoughts on the transfer from 2014 to 2015:

So long, 2014. Good things you brought.

1. Scotland said yes to intelligent debate, yes to self-educating, yes to political engagement. Glasgow said yes to independence too. I say yes to that.

2. I’ve had a couple of amazing professional yeses this year, after a good number of years of either no, or ‘______’, which is worse. I expect many more of nos and nothings, hopefully one or two yeses each year too. Actually, one of the yeses required a no. More than one no, in fact. That’s a kicker. I wish yeses didn’t need nos. Hey ho.

3. I have asked to work with pals I admire, and they said yes. I have even been asked to say yes myself. I’ve tried to do thing on my own in the past, but yes is more fun.

4. Tommy said yes.

5. I applied to be a Clydesider and the Commonwealth Games said yes. I got to say yes to hundreds of information searchers. I did say no to boxing. No thank you, boxing.

6. I started answering yes to the question, ‘So, you’re vegan?’

7. I just read Amy Poehler’s autobiography ‘Yes Please’ and I would like to take it as my motto. Along with ‘No Thank You’.

Yes please, 2015.


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