O is for Hoolet – Scratch, Arches Live

Jingso. Oh my giddy aunt.

I got masel thegither an made a shaw aboot Scots leid. Braw is the wurd, but still no eneuch tae capture it forby. A was stressed oot ma nut afore the shaw stertit. Aw in aw, A think A hud c.95 wee bits o paper tae sort fir oan stage an in the audience. But daein the piece itsel wis a joy. A’m sae passionate aboot the topic, it was a fair challenge fir me, which is aye grand, an A wis please wi what A hud tae present.

A wis astoondit at hoo much o a difference haein the involvement o Vanessa Coffey made tae the piece. She an A did the fishwives piece wi Stellar Quines in the spring, an A respec an loo her an her wark. We ainly met aboot three times aboot the shaw, an yet, haein her tae boonce ideas aff, an then haein her reflect thae ideas back tae me, but aw clear – it was vital. A cannae gie her enuech thanks fir thon.

Full set

A dinnae fancy scrievin too much aboot the shaw the noo is A am gonnae be warkin gey hard tae mak shair thon wisnae the end for O is for Hoolet. But A need tae say this: syne Wednesday nicht, A’ve bin fou o joy – true joy – joy that his hud me lauchin spontanious, or bletherin wi strangers. A’m pleased that it went well, but mair than thon, best o aw thins, a pal o mine cam up tae me the nicht, aifter the piece an tauld me that the shaw hud chynged his entire view o Scots. He explained that he hud aye jist agreed wi his faither’s view that it wis a deein leid an no worth botherin aboot, an that noo he hud come ti realise it wis a pairt o his culture. That it belanged tae him.

It gars me greet, een tae think aboot it. Joy.


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