Newhaven Fishwives

It’s a while ago now, and the massive wall that was the Commonwealth Games (CommonWALL Games) stands between me and even the memory of the event, but I have finally uploaded the Untaught to Shine trailer-style to YouTube.

The video was made by Lucy Holmes-Elliot, who was professional, fun and passionate about the project from the moment she heard about it. Go and see her excellent art and film work on her website.

Seeing the video again has given me tingly feelings of joy at remembering that project. What a pleasure it was. I want to make more stuff like that. The new show I am developing was largely inspired by this one and my experiment with Scots writing, so it’s good to revisit it before I move on to new things. ONWARDS, INTO THE DAWN! Also, check out how many thumbs up I do. Proof if proof be need be of how much I loved it.


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