Make Up

Last October I fell down a YouTube hole into the land of makeup tutorials. I had encountered these before, but for those who don’t know, they are usually amateur videos, filmed in bedrooms and bathrooms of a step-by-step process of ‘creating a look’ using makeup. The videos have various tropes, from holding up the brushes, pencils, creams, powders and general unguents to the camera so the viewer can see brands and names, to starting the video with the finished look and then showing the shockingly makeup free features.

The video which really got me hooked and which, at c.2am I watched three times (once to see, once in shock and once to count the steps, products and brushes) was this one. I posted it on Facebook with the statement that I was going to make a show about it. And now I am. This young lady is one of the bigger makeup gurus on YouTube and I would recommend watching it all the way through.

That’s 16 stages, 14 products and 5 brushes.

Since the early days in the early hours I have discovered the sheer range in these videos. Here’s a six-year-old doing makeup tutorials for those who aren’t allowed makeup and therefore only have M&Ms to work with (viewed by 1.5million people).

Here’s her a couple of years later with her makeup collection. She’s definitely allowed makeup now.

This lady had to brutally edit down the video of her putting on mascara to get it to 4 minutes.

(Beware terrifying close ups).

But there is also a new form of friendship going on with these videos. They don’t just share tips, they share their lives. Here’s mascara lady at the fair. Who doesn’t love the fair?

It’s complicated.


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