Voice of an Ishbel

It’s funny that so many of my posts on this blog are about my voice. Funny because, you know, it’s a written medium. What’s that you say? Not that funny at all? Welcome to the internet? We can use multimedia here? It’s even better than a power point? Well, I thank you for your kind words.

At various points on this wee site you could hear me poetically describing a cat, reading from the bible, or waxing lyrical about trains. The trains have really dominated, mind you. Well, now you can hear me bemoaning the ridiculous state of the asylum process in the UK or reaching new levels of joy about not having to fill out forms in my commercial voice reel. It was recorded at Pacific Audio, who I would thoroughly recommend as a friendly and talented bunch. I really, really want to do voice work (I’ve spoken before of my ambition to read on Poetry Please) and getting a voice reel is a wee step along the ladder. What’s the aural equivalent of a ladder? A scale? A step along the scale? Sounds like a weight-gain thing. I suppose that doesn’t matter so much if it’s radio. Anyway, here it is.

For those situations where enthusiasm for McDonald’s just isn’t enough to satisfy your WANTON CRAVING FOR MY VOICE, below is my narrative voice reel (that means the readings are more strokey-chinny than get-your-pursey), which features some of my absolutely favourite readings. There’s Tam AND there’s Margaret Atwood. What more could one ask of a voice reel? Indeed, what more could one ask of life?


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