This post is time-sensitive.

A couple of weeks ago I returned to Greyfriars Kirk, the church I attended when I lived in Edinburgh (though in an top notch typo I just wrote that as ‘when I loved in Edinburgh’). For seven months during my MSc, I worked as their arts coordinator. Since then my successor has led them through loads of exciting things, including making a gorgeous new entrance, a new museum and getting work going on the new building for the Grassmarket Community Project. Richard Frazer is the excellent minister at the kirk and an equally excellent pal to me. In March he asked me if I wanted to do some bible readings and poems for his contributions to the BBC Scotland show, New Every Morning. At the time I felt like I managed to give an impression of cool unconcern as I agreed to do this as a favour to him. In retrospect the air-punching and the tears in my eyes might have given the rampant-enthusiasm game away to some small degree.

As returning blog readers will recognise, reading poetry on the radio is one of my major life ambitions and so it was with a happy heart that I practiced the theologically-tricky readings that Richard gave me (youch there, Romans), and tried to become familiar with the prose and poetry readings he’d chosen too. The results of episode one of four of ‘Ishbel’s First Foray Into Performing Poetry On The Radio’ can be heard here. As you listen to the thoughtful and calm words of Richard and the challenging words of the bible, imagine me dancing with joy like this.

Now, the reason that this is a time sensitive post is down to iPlayer time restrictions. Today is 5th April and the link to the specific episode above will only be available until 7th April . However, my voice is included in the next three shows (8th, 15th and 22nd April) so you can hear me saying something at least 28th April 2012 if you go to the show website. Sadly, though, if you are reading this post after that date (of if you’re in the foreign country and so can’t get iPlayer) you’re just going to have to imagine an Edinburgh/Kinross accent speaking some lovely words at a slightly higher pitch than she thinks she is. Got it?


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