Life Ambition Things

I think it’s a fairly accepted fact that most people have a ‘thing’ that after knowing them for a while you realise is their ‘thing’. You feel honoured to have had their ‘thing’ shared with you (careful). Well, I have a few ‘things’ (as befitting someone who is a self-confessed jack of a small number of non-financially-viable trades, master of none).

1) I have holes in the top of my ears that look like piercings but I’ve had since I was born that also look a bit like they go right through my brain that freak everyone out.

2) I like trains.

3) I’m really into learning poems by heart. And I’m into reading poems. Poems for grown-ups. Poems for kids. Sad poems. Happy poems. Romantic poems. Obscure concrete poems. Poems-that-people-who-are-academics-think-are-‘populist’-‘rubbish’ poems. I’m basically really into poems.

This list of three ‘things’ should also be combined with my current list of life ambitions.

1) To play Isabella in Measure for Measure.

2) To create a play/work of theatre about Wonderful Kinross-shire.

3) To recite poetry on the radio. Ideally on Poetry Please. Mmm, slaverslaver.

Recently I have been taking steps towards fulfilling number three. One of the steps I am employing is applying to work on live shows surrounding up-coming CBeebies show, ‘Rhyme Rocket‘. As part of the application process, you had to write and submit a one minute poem for four- to six-year-olds. And thus arrived this one about my cat Squeaks, aka. ‘Mr Squeaks, The Fantastic FLYING Cat‘.


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