One Show Down One Show To Go

It is now a few days since the first performance of Even in Edinburgh/Glasgow which went excellently well. We had about 20 folk coming for the performance alone and around 40 more who were on the train who came and went and enjoyed it. I think I was most surprised by the young folk who got on the carriage who sat and listened well the whole way. Tommy, who was stewarding at the middle door, giving people the option of coming into the poetry carriage or the Art Free carriage, said it was about a 50/50 split. This is a statistic I find heartening. A small number of folk seek this sort of thing out, a large number will take it gladly when offered. You just have to hope that what you offer them is inspiring and enriching enough that they feel enabled to have a wee forage for themselves next time.

All of the ScotRail staff were insanely helpful, especially John Yellowlees who deserves a Fringe First all of his own. Thanks also go to Network Rail staff for allowing a strange sort of artistic venture to begin in their station.

Based on what we found on Saturday, we’ve decided it will be easier to meet the audience on platform 13, at the near end (beside the ‘buffer ends’) rather than on the concourse. There’s a whole lot of people on the concourse and we’d be better clearing off and allowing them to get on their slightly less poetic ways. If you have any questions, ask the gate line staff, and look out for my nice stewards (my boyfriend, my mum and my dad) who will be wearing lanyards saying ‘STEWARD’ and looking helpful. When you get onto platform 13 I’ll be the one with the microphone. Hopefully I’ll see you there.


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