Spanish Dreams of Scottish Poetry Trains

My show has garnered quiet a wee bit of press attention of late, due to the irresistible pull of poems and the excitement of an escape from Edinburgh. I have been mentioned in The Scotsman, The Herald, The Evening Times and The List. Above all of these, however, stands my proudest press mention, my crowning column inches: Conde Naste Traveler – Spanish edition.

My pal Claudia pointed out the entry to me via the wonders of social networking. The Spanish speakers and the curious among you can view it here.

The true joy for me, however, has been reading it in its regurgitated form, ably provided by google translate. So, here, for your delectation, on the day before the show begins, is the best description yet of ‘Even in Edinburgh/Glasgow’:

Train of Scottish poetry.  Waverley  Station in the lead convoy bound  for Glasgow on 13 and August 20 wagons loaded with their poetry. Ishbel McFarlane, a young Scottish radiant smile, is expected to liven up the journey passengers Even in Edinburgh /Glasgow, formed a poetry reading of works by Scottish authors such as Edwin Morgan, Liz Lochhead and the controversial William McGonagall. During the 98 minutes that the way to Glasgow, travelers can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Scottish landscapes while McFarlane explains the literary relations of the two Scottish cities. The show costs only the price of train ticket and gives you the opportunity to experience the beautiful city of Glasgow. You can not stay on the ground.

They’re right you know, you can NOT stay on the ground.


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