Photo courtesy of Molly Bunder, fellow castmate and honorable Hoosier

Since the very early days of the academic year, the MA Classical and Contemporary Text course has been working with three rather lovely Scottish playwrights going by the names of Peter Arnott, Chris Hannan and Nicola McCartney. The plays that are the well-loved offspring of these dalliances will be performed in development versions in September of this year at the Tron in Glasgow, the Hampstead in London and the Traverse in Edinburgh.

I am among the cast working with last-but-most-definitely-not-least of these, the powerhouse that is Ms McCartney. With her and our director, Marcus Roche, we have been developing the heartfelt Hartland. The play is set in the mid-west of America, in the eponymous and anonymous, medium-sized city-town, where there’s more crystal meth than community spirit, and people are more likely to be lost than to be found.

We’ve started the full-time rehearsal in the run-up to the shows, and it is looking exceptionally exciting, with months of work from Nicola and us coming to a conclusion which is complex and challenging (and I use these terms in a real sense, and not as tactful euphemism).

We’ll perform the show twice in each city, as a double bill with the shows performed by our classmates: Peter Arnott’s Heuristics in the Diner and Chris Hannan’s God of Soho. Each play will go on to a new life outside the classroom after these performances (Chris Hannan’s God of Soho is heading off to Shakespeare’s Globe in London in the not-too-distant future), so it’s a good chance to see the early lives of these very disparate works.


God of Soho: written by Chris Hannan and directed by Stasi Schaeffer

Heuristics in the Diner: written by Peter Arnott and directed by Alasdair Hunter

Hartland: written by Nicola McCartney and directed by Marcus Roche

Performance Dates:

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Thursday 2nd – Sat 4th Sept 7.45pm

Thursday 2nd:   Diner/ God of Soho
Friday 3rd:   Diner/ Hartland
Saturday 4th:   Hartland/ God of Soho

Book here: http://www.tron.co.uk/event/diner_god_of_soho/

Hampstead Theatre, London:
Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th Sept

Thursday 9th:   Diner/ Hartland
Friday 10th:   Hartland/ God of Soho
Saturday 11th:   Diner/ God of Soho

Book here: http://www.hampsteadtheatre.com/page/3048/New+Works/206

Traverse, Edinburgh:
Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th Sept

Thursday 16th:   Hartland/ God of Soho
Friday 17th:   Diner/ God of Soho
Saturday 18th:   Diner/ Hartland

Book here: http://www.traverse.co.uk/showsall.htm


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