Hiya! I am Ishbel McFarlane, a performer, writer and theatre maker who loves living in Glasgow, and loves longing for Edinburgh. This is the web-information-house for my creative endeavours. Occasionally I also opine.

I make work which focuses on social justice, feminism, place, history and language.

NOW: I am also doing a show about refugees, utopias and New Towns called Plan which I made with help from an NTS Artist Lab, and which I am now working on with PAS (Planning Aid for Scotland) in an EU funded project in Fife.

IN THE PAST: I have done a couple of tours of my show about Scots language, O is for Hoolet, which won the Platform 18 Award. I have worked with ScotRail doing poetry events on Scotland’s trains; I have worked with Stellar Quines on the Untaught to Shine project in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery; I have done voice overs and poetry readings on the Beeb; I have acted in plays at places like the Oran Mor, and with companies like Visible Fictions; I have directed shows in places like Midwest America and Cologne in Germany and I have searched for vegan treats almost anywhere you can name.

I tweet and I talk too much. The latter means that the former isn’t great.